Unique rustic weddings

“She said she wanted a rustic barn wedding. I said; yeah, yeah, whatever you like. She said she wanted a proper old Hampshire barn, not a lot of fakery. I said; yeah, okay. She said she wanted a sense of history at our wedding. The people who had worked at Old Michelmersh Farm over the centuries, the men who had cut the beams, the women who had picked stones up in the fields outside, she wanted our wedding to be part of the story of the place. Yeah, yeah.
And then, I was standing there waiting for her to walk down the aisle and become my wife and the big old barn seemed to wrap its arms around me. The place was full of trees, there were green leaves everywhere, they brought a sort of peace with them. She came towards me through the forest and she lifted her veil and she was so beautiful. She smiled and I finally understood: this was our history and we were making it here, now, forever.”