Guide Prices

These guide prices are designed to give a ballpark figure for the cost of weddings at Old Michelmersh Farm, show what we might offer and illustrate how prices can vary depending on the choices you make, particularly hire choices. Everything is up to you: you might be holding your marriage ceremony elsewhere before arriving here, you might want to start very late in the day rather than earlier or you might decide to finish at five after a sumptuous afternoon tea. You might prefer rustic trestles to round tables. You might be allergic to linen, or want white chairs with green seats, or maybe lime-washed crossbacks… There are so many choices which affect the style of your wedding – and may result in significant price variations. So please take this as a very loose guide.

A substantial element of all fees goes straight into the Trust towards maintaining this historic site year-round so that it is ready for your wedding day and preserved for future generations.
In addition, the trees and plants we use at weddings which make occasions here very different and special require a lot of care for 365 days of the year.
Our staff are simply the best, as anyone who marries here knows, and we make sure we show them that we value them by paying them fairly.
We supply our antique and vintage goods to your wedding for no additional fee: there are no hidden extras.

It’s worth noting the following:

• We are able to offer significant discounts on weddings held Monday-Thursday
• Later start times generally mean lower costs
• Your fee is reduced by £350 if you marry elsewhere and come to us for the reception (this is the cost of our licence fee).
• These price guides only apply to 2021 and 2022 and may be subject to change.

Ceremony Only - Guide price
50 Guests - Guide price
100 Guests - Guide price
30 Guests - Guide price
80 Guests - Guide price
150 Guests - Guide price